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You are new to Germany, want to deepen your language skills, meet new people and are interested in nature and the environment?

Or do you live here already a long time, always wanting to know how the environmental situation in other countries look like and would like to exchange opinions with people from there?
Do you want to make a difference and be active together with others in environmental and nature conservation? Then you are exactly right here.
On our intercultural weekend trainings, we learn together about topics such as nutrition, water or energy and the methods to inspire others. You'll be testing skills like communication, event planning, or maintaining a biotope to be able to help effectively in environmental projects.
After the seminars, you have the opportunity to support the BUND in events and in environmental education or even to start your own projects.

The idea

Issues such as climate change, extinction of species and water scarcity are more present today than ever before. But what does our diet, water consumption and energy production have to do with it? What is the environmental situation in countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq or Nigeria? What local and global environmental problems are associated with our way of living and what does it all have to do with flight?
We address these questions in the project "RefLAct - Refugees Lead Action". In this project people with and without flight experience can learn which urgent environmental problems concern us all and why it is important to become active.
The goal is to bring people from different countries into contact with one another and to build bridges between cultures. We want to look at a topic from different perspectives and then learn together and pass on the knowledge to different groups of people.
In the continuation of this successful project of 2018, we will draw even more people's attention to the challenges of environmental and climate protection. So join us and bring your friends along to shape a sustainable future.

Who can participate?

Refugees and asylum seekers and people who have been living in Germany for longer are invited.
In 2020 will be six weekend seminars that complement each other - participation is possible at all or even at only some seminars.

Please note the following criteria that must be met in order to participate

- You are between 18 and 27 years old
- You have good language skills in German (at least level B1)
- You are ready for an exciting learning experience in a diverse group
- You are interested in social- and environmental topics
- You feel like working with groups and in a team

We welcome the participation of people regardless of cultural and social background, history of migration, religion / belief, ascribed disability or sexual identity, and we are particularly pleased to receive applications from people with refugee und migrant backgrounds.

Seminar schedule

From January 2020 to December 2020 we offer six seminars. The seminar starts on Friday and runs until Sunday afternoon. Please plan to be present for the entire time.

Some seminars take place in Dresden. We have rooms for workshops available and undertake excursions to Dresden surrounding area.
The courses in spring and summer are planned as camps.
We will travel together on Fridays and set up in our accommodation.
On site we do guided tours and workshops, and take the time to get to know nature and the other participants.
After the Seminars we leave together on Sunday afternoon.

The Seminars

Food for Future - Together, Enjoying, Global

10th - 12th January, 2020


Into the Wild - Experience the Woods with all your Senses

7th - 9th August, 2020


Care4Nature - Get active in practical nature conservation

25th - 27th September, 2020


Don't WASTE it - UPCYCLE it - Crafting, screwing, redesigning

4th - 6th December, 2020



The seminars are free for all participants. Vegetarian food is provided.
We can´t pay overnight or travel expenses to the seminars which are happening in Dresden.
For excursions and the camps all costs will be covered from and back to Dresden.

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Hannes Herrmann

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